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Birgitt Williams, along with her partner Ward Williams and dedicated event sponsors around the world are teaming up to offer special workshop opportunities and events to explore the teachings of The Genuine Contact Way in greater depth.

This workshop series for The Genuine Contact Way includes opportunities for deepening your experience with and understanding of the idea of Nourishing a Culture of Leadership.  The series includes 4 offerings:

Upcoming workshop dates and locations are listed below.

Extraordinary Leadership Workshops

Leadership in past decades focused on leading so that people will follow. In many organizations, this is no longer enough for business and organizational success. Job roles, responsibilities and increased accountability have changed, requiring an increasing number of people to be competent in leadership skills to get their jobs done satisfactorily.  Formal leaders need their people to step fully into their responsibilities, requiring people to exhibit their leadership to do so.

You are invited to join us in taking a time out to learn, share, explore, and develop ideas and experiences about leadership. You are invited to share your challenges, ask questions, learn, experience, develop clarity, and step into greater capacities of leadership.

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Workshop Dates

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

May 3-5, 2016

Extraordinary Leadership Workshop

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