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From Inconsequential to Important…Leading So People Will Lead

I am thinking of how critical it is to personal well being to feel important to others and how destructive it is to feel inconsequential. Every life matters. People are precious. As we evolve towards the new leadership paradigm of ‘leading so people will lead’, it is essential to identify systems and patterns of behavior in which people end up feeling inconsequential. Now imagine shifting the consciousness of the organization and the people in it to one of nourishing a culture of leadership. If everyone learns to accept that they are engaged in leadership, no matter what their job or task, and starts to perceive others around them as engaged in leadership, it is possible for more and more people to feel important to the enterprise or community. Perception shifts from ‘I can’t do it’ to ‘I can do it’ and from ‘they can’t do it’ to ‘they can do it’.

People that we work with in our organizational consulting sometimes refer to what we do as magic. A key to the magic is shifting the perception about leadership, and thus shifting the perception that everyone involved is important.

If this is of interest to you, a first step is to challenge yourself with accepting that leadership is a verb, an action. A next step is to engage others around you in a conversation about ‘if leadership is a verb, what does that mean for us?’.

Our focus in all of our work is on nourishing a culture of leadership. I believe that leadership work is some of the most important work on our planet at this time. Shifting our collective perspective at this time about leadership is a valuable commodity for our organizations.

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Acknowledging With Gratitude the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell

A man who influenced my thinking was the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell who was probably best known as an Apollo 14th astronaut and the 6th person to walk on the moon. He is less well known for his work since that time in supporting the importance of our inner work, of the personal quest to expand personal awareness and consciousness, and to how deeply committed he was to doing his part to support a sustainable future for humanity and our planet.  He was and will continue to be a guiding light for the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).

In his experience of looking back at Mother Earth from space, he had a unique opportunity to be engulfed by a profound sense of universal connectedness. He shared stories of being changed forever from this sense and from his understanding that a most important quest for humankind was to be willing to explore who we really are as humans, and what we are capable of becoming.

In The Genuine Contact Way: Nourishing a Culture of Leadership, I note that eminent scientists, some of whom are respected around the globe, become mystics when they come to discover

1.that the story of humanity as told by science is incomplete and likely flawed

2.that the Newtonian idea of separate, independent and ‘closed’ things in the Universe wasn’t an accurate description but that there is a universal connectedness

I believe that Dr. Edgar Mitchell would be included in that group of scientists who became mystics. He was a man who encouraged the exploration into our inner worlds.

Dr. Mitchell was one of the people from whom I learned that reality is not necessarily as we perceive it, that a quest for personal awareness and the expansion of personal consciousness is essential for a sustainable future. I concluded that just as the exploration of outer space, the exploration of inner space is an exploration of ‘what is’, not one of ‘what is not’.

I am grateful for the contributions of Dr. Mitchell. And personally,  I remain committed to assisting people to claim their personal leadership…because when they do so, they will increase their personal awareness and expand their consciousness.

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Taking a Personal Journey to Live Truth

When I started writing about truth in our Feb 4th blog, I didn’t realize that I was starting a three part series. Yet, here I am in the third part of what has become a series. I feel the topic of truth is extremely important for individuals and organizations, and for humanity as a whole. In my opinion, living truth is an idea whose time has come.

It feels important to say a little about how you might start with living truth in your own life. Your own life is a great place to begin. In The Genuine Contact Way: Nourishing a Culture of Leadership, I give a description about an exercise called ‘noticing’. This is a useful exercise to increase personal capacity to be in genuine contact with oneself, and in learning to live truth. Even if you engage in a noticing exercise for only fifteen minutes a day, you will discover that you start seeing the world differently. If you make a habit of noticing through the course of the day, you really see the world differently. Imagine giving yourself the task of a fifteen minute exercise of noticing what appears to be true as you scan news on the internet or in a newspaper or news magazine. Focus on noticing what seems true. The exercise is simple and adjusts your ability to observe what is what is not truth.

If you begin with this exercise, you will probably start noticing when you are being truthful and when you are not. You will start noticing when the intention behind what you are saying is inconsistent with what you are saying. For example your intention might be that you don’t have time for a meeting but need to be somewhere else and you are saying to the person in front of you ‘I have an open door policy and am so happy you have come in’. You will find yourself, as a result of your noticing, getting increasingly uncomfortable with the inconsistency between your spirit of intent and what you are saying.

You will shift more and more to living truth. It may take time as their is a lot of conditioning to overcome as well as a fair amount of fear.

I would love to hear your experiences of living truth.